2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages

The 2009 Lincoln Cents issued in four different designs for the Bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln had some of the lowest mintages for circulation strike Lincoln Cents in decades.

Lincoln Presidency

The low mintages were the result of several factors that came together during the year. First, the slowing economy created a backwash of old coinage returning to the system as people cashed in old hoards. This combined with a general slowdown in the pace of commerce to reduce the number of new coins needed for circulation.

Secondly, since the 2009 Lincoln Cent had four different reverse designs, the already reduced number of coins was divided between four different issues.

The lowest mintage occurred for the 2009-P "Presidency" Lincoln Cent with a mintage of 129.6 million coins.

2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages

Philadelphia Denver Total
Birthplace 284,400,000 350,400,000 634,800,000
Formative Years 376,000,000 363,600,000 739,600,000
Professional Life 316,000,000 336,000,000 652,000,000
Presidency 129,600,000 198,000,000 327,600,000

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